Edition 27: Compassion

In this issue:

“A well of compassion” comic strip (Ryan Hreljac – Ryan’s Well Foundation)
Compassion stories by Eloise Wellings (Love Mercy), Jessica Courtney (Preemptive Love Coalition) and Justine Flynn (ThankYou)

GIFT GUIDE: Gifts of Compassion

HOLIDAY: Help Your Family Keep an Attitude of Gratitude This Season! (Bri DeRosa – the Family Dinner Project)

COOK: Rustic no-bake vanilla cheesecake (Desi Trisnawati – Masterchef Indonesia 2012)

Young contributors:

“Love anyway” by Micah C.
“The Good Ninja” comic strip by Caleb S.
Artwork cover: Cayla L.


Uplift Generation

We exist to empower children and youths around the world, through words and storytelling.

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