Edition 9: Stand Up to Bullying

Edition 9: Stand Up to Bullying

In this issue:

INSPIRE: People who stand up to bullying – Lizzie Velasquez (Motivational speaker and author), Alex Holmes (the Princess Diana Award), Travis Price (Pink Shirt Day co-founder)

TIPS: Helping children to stand up for themselves and others – Tessy Ojo (the Princess Diana Award – UK), Tim Elmore (Growing Leaders – USA) and Gilbert Yeo (Coalition Against Bullying for Children and Youth – Singapore)

FATHERHOOD: 3 ways to not bully your kids (Brock Griffin – the National Center for Fathering)

STORY: The bully too close to home (Rachel Macy Stafford – Hands Free Mama)

SPECIAL NEEDS: Learning to empower my kids to become their own advocates (Ellen Stumbo – Writer and Disability Matters founder)

FAMILY RECIPE: Cheese sticks (Desi Trisnawati – Masterchef Indonesia 2012)

CRAFT: Valentine Secret code message for little spy kids (Mia Setyawan)

PRINTABLE: DIY friendship memory book (Andreja Vucajnk – Itsy Bitsy Fun)

HANDMADE + READER’S OFFERS: Inspirational finds for kids


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