Story by: Ivey & Rodee Ketterer (USA)

In this article, mom and son (Ivey and Rodee) share about Rodee’s adoption and miracle story, and what family means to Rodee.

Michael and Ivey Ketterer have a daughter and also five boys through adoption including Rodrigo “Rodee”. You might know Rodee’s dad, Michael Ketterer, who was an “America’s Got Talent” finalist in 2018. 

Ivey, can you tell us briefly about Rodrigo’s adoption story?

#Rodrigoisapieceofheaven is my favorite subject to talk about. It was as if one day a stork dropped this little angel off on my front porch!

Rodee was shaken by his caregiver at that time, when he was 1.5 years old. As a result, it caused severe damage to his head. Rodee became blind, mute, had a feeding tube and was wheelchair-bound.

Rodee’s Neurologist Report from the first day he came into the hospital said, “This child will be a vegetable.  He’ll never attach to anyone. You will have to move him side to side.  There is no hope for his future.”1

My husband (Michael Ketterer) is a registered nurse, so the foster care system asked us if we could take Rodee in. My husband and I both believe that God is bigger than all Rodee’s challenges.

Today, Rodee can see, talk, eat and walk (all with assistances)! How is that for miracles!

Rodee, can you please share in a short sentence what family means to you?

RK: Jesus, thank You for my family. Amen!

IK: If Rodee could communicate his kisses into words, I think he would say something like this – “Being a family means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life!” That’s what Mr. Ketterer painted in our living room.

Watch Rodee’s story:


1 The Ketterer Family


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