The Good Gift Guide  |  Kids Nation magazine Edition 30

Gratitude journal
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Price: $16.99
By: Harvest Cruise (Worldwide)
Manufactured in a third world country to help create job opportunities. A portion of the profits goes towards a global anti human trafficking movement.

Kitenge Lion
Price: $15
By: Project Yesu (Worldwide)
The proceeds go towards Project Yesu’s children feeding program in Uganda.

Henry the bunny
Price: Little 13″ $62, Regular 20″ $82
By: Cuddle + Kind (Worldwide)
One handcrafted doll provides 10 meals to children in North America and around the world.

Snow leopard ear warmer
Price: $24.85
By: Headbands Of Hope (Worldwide)
For every headband sold, one is donated to a child with an illness.

“Build peace” Miir 20 oz bottle
Price: $35
By: Justice Rising (USA, Canada & UK)
The proceeds help Justice Rising’s effort to build schools and empower communities in war zone areas.

This gift guide first appeared in Edition 30 Kids Nation magazine.


Mia Setyawan

Mia is the founder and editor of Uplift Generation. She is passionate about imparting positive values to the next generation.

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